Radiografi Thorax Sangkaan Pneumonia pada Bayi di Bawah Lima Tahun di RS Royal Prima Medan

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Sleste Cania Purba
Sahat Sinaga
Manumpan Sihombing


Pneumonia is often found in children under five, but also in adults and in the elderly. This disease can lead to death if not treated immediately. In adults, pneumonia can become a serious infection that can progress to potentially life-threatening sepsis. Pneumonia is the single largest cause of infection in children worldwide. Pneumonia killed 808,694 children under the age of 5 years 2017, accounting for 15% of all deaths of children under the age of five. Pneumonia attacks children everywhere and in Indonesia, pneumonia is the second leading cause of death in infants after diarrhea. This study aims to determine the implementation of Thorax Radiography examination suspected of pneumonia in toddlers. The projection used is anteroposterior, this examination requires cooperation with the patient's family or parents so that the examination can be carried out smoothly. Before the examination we must attach an apron to the patient and the patient's family, limiting the irradiation field and speeding up the shooting time. This research is a qualitative research. Qualitative research techniques are research on descriptive research and tend to use analysis and subject perspective to be more highlighted. This research was conducted at the Royal Prima Hospital in Medan with direct observation by recording information related to the radiology room at the Royal Prima Hospital. The results of the examination provide diagnostic information and abnormalities in the Thorax suspected of Pneumonia in toddlers processed using Digital Radiography (DR). For the feasibility of the results of the radiographic image, an analysis of the quality of the radiographic image was carried out based on the contrast, detail, sharpness and density of the radiographic image. The conclusion from the results of Thorax radiographic examination suspected that Pneumonia in toddlers is Pneumonia, a disease that often affects toddlers, which was carried out by an Antero-Posterior projection thorax examination.

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